New and inventive ways to take CBD are appearing all the time. One of the latest innovations is the CBD bath bomb, a luxurious way to get a healthy dose of CBD via the skin.

But this might seem a little strange at first. CBD is usually taken as a food supplement, as an ingredient in an oil or capsule that you consume orally. So, how on earth would CBD help when applied to the skin?

External CBD application has become quite popular with the advent of CBD skincare products. As it turns out, this compound may act as an antioxidant, which is what many skincare ingredients are designed to do. Adding it to your skincare routine is just like using cocoa butter or jojoba oil – CBD is just another skin-loving ingredient.

In this article, we will address how to use a CBD bath bomb in the best possible way, as well as addressing its benefits.

What is a CBD Bath Bomb?

CBD bath bombs are the latest in a long line of CBD products. They are exactly what they sound like – bath bombs infused with cannabidiol.

If you didn’t know, cannabidiol is a compound from the cannabis plant. It is more often called CBD. It is non-psychoactive, meaning that it won’t get you high. Naturally, this is something people worry about when they hear CBD comes from cannabis. CBD is also completely safe to take, assuming that you buy it from a reputable seller, of course.

CBD has become popular because of the way it works with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a biological system within the body. This might seem quite science-y, but it’s actually quite simple.

The ECS is a system that exists in every part of the body. It is there to maintain balance, ensuring that we remain healthy at all times. It consists of a number of endocannabinoid receptors, which listen out for messages from molecules called endocannabinoids, which our body produces in response to stimuli.

As you can imagine, it takes a lot to run a system of this size and importance. Sometimes, the messenger system falls behind. When CBD is ingested, it stimulates the production of extra endocannabinoids, which can help the ECS to run better. In this way, CBD can support an active and healthy lifestyle to keep you feeling your best.

This explains why it has become so popular, but why apply it to your skin? Why put it into bath bombs at all?

What do they do?

Above, we talked about the endocannabinoid system and how it works. The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and it is packed full of endocannabinoid receptors. When you apply CBD directly to the skin, it can reach localized cannabinoid receptors and act on specific parts of the ECS. This is basically a way to keep your skin healthy.

That explains CBD topicals as a whole, but what about CBD bath bombs? Well, the reasoning behind this product is not just about the CBD, but about baths as a whole. As it turns out, bathing has a lot of benefits of its own.

The Benefits of Baths

There are numerous reasons to take baths. Many people prefer to take daily showers; it’s quicker and some say it feels cleaner. But the occasional bath is both luxurious and good for your health. Here’s why:

Baths can relieve soreness in the muscles and joints: Hot water in your bath can loosen up the muscles and joints. If you have inflammation that is causing you chronic pain, a bath can be the ideal way to help everything loosen. Plus, it can be good for muscular injuries as an alternative to – or a combined effort with – stretching and low-intensity exercise.

Baths can clear the respiratory system: You may have heard that steam clears your sinuses when you have a cold. This is true, and if you have a cold then taking a hot bath may help. But your respiratory system can still benefit from a bath even if you aren’t ill. If your chest is submerged in warm water, the temperature and pressure of the water can help to improve airflow in the lungs. The temperature may also increase your heart rate, improving the function of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Baths improve blood flow: Speaking of increasing heart rate, the temperature of a hot bath also dilates the blood vessels. Vasodilation, the expansion of your blood vessels, can reduce blood pressure and really get the blood pumping around your body. This is also why your skin sometimes goes a bit red after a hot bath.

Baths can boost your mood: There is just something serene about lying in a tub of warm water and soaking in the bubbles. Warm water baths have been shown to increase serotonin levels, helping you to feel happier. You can also enhance this effect by adding in little extras – muscle soak, scented candles and, of course, bath bombs.

Combining CBD with Your Bath

Adding CBD into your bath is a way to take up your pamper session just a notch. The CBD will soak into your skin and reach the endocannabinoid system, providing your body with some minor health benefits while you soak.

Plus, it may help boost your mood knowing that you have splashed out a little on yourself. Simply sit back, unwind, and let the CBD go to work – you don’t even have to lift a finger, or a dropper bottle of oil.

How to Use a CBD Bath Bomb

Using a CBD bath bomb is quite simple. You use them the same as any other bath bomb; drop it into the water and watch it fizz.

Nevertheless, there are ways to enhance the relaxation of it all. Here are our tips for the best CBD bath ever.

  • Invest in some extras for your bath: If you like to take relaxing baths every so often, then it could be worth purchasing some bath tools. For example, a bath caddy will provide a place to store all your bath-time needs, and a waterproof pillow will definitely help you relax and unwind.
  • Make the ultimate bath-time playlist: You’re definitely going to need some tunes to accompany your soak. Whether you prefer the gentle song of whale music or the soft sax of a jazz band, you need to create an awesome playlist you can enjoy while in the bath. While you’re at it, why not buy a waterproof speaker?
  • Light some candles: No bath is complete without candles, trust us. Find some candles in your favorite scent, place them around the bathroom, and light up. They don’t have to be mega-expensive Yankee candles; you can buy cheap scented candles from anywhere.
  • Try out some beauty products: The bath is the perfect place to pamper yourself and use some nice beauty products. Think face masks, body scrubs and exfoliators, and a body butter for afterwards. Make it as opulent as you like!

Once everything is ready, it’s time to use the CBD bath bomb. The process is simple, just drop the bath bomb into the water when you are ready and it will dissolve, fizzing at it goes and releasing all it’s wonderful scents – and CBD – into the water. Simple!

To get the best results, make sure you soak in the bath for at least 30 minutes.

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