Once psilocybin mushrooms are consumed, the brain’s ordinary set way of thinking goes into a meditative state. This way of thought is called, the Default Mode Network (DMN). It seems to be the way of thought responsible for future and past thought, self reflection, and day dreaming. Some call it your brains, “go to” way of thought. When this thought process goes into a meditative state, the process of neuroplasticity takes effect.

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Neuroplasticity is the process of redirecting your brains activity to create new connections, and form new synapses. Neuroplasticity usually happens to compensate for the lack of the activity, (in this case caused by the lack of the DMN).

The mushrooms have this uncanny and magnificent ability because of their unique molecular structure. They tend to replicate our neurotransmitter serotonin. The brain then allows them to bind with other serotonin and now begins a firestorm of new activity and connections.

When neuroplasticity takes effect the psilocybin mimicking serotonin finds a way to stimulate a receptor in the prefrontal cortex called the 5-HT2A. This receptor is rung like a bell to release a protein called BDFN, (brain derived neurotrophic factor), this process is called neurogenesis. BDFN proteins are what the brain releases in order to grow and create new neurons (nerve cells). The 5-HT2A also releases the neurotransmitter glutamate. Glutamate is a neurotransmitter primarily aiding in learning, cognitive function, and memory. This process is still being studied. However, we know that these two important components of the 5-HT2A seem to be vital for new learning and understanding.

What does psilocybin (magic) mushrooms do for the brain?

In multiple recent studies, (done by John Hopkins University, New York University, Oxford, London University and others), they have found incredible results of alleviation and curing depression and anxiety. On top of that they have found mental clarity, focus, drive, and creativity become an all time high. See “News” Page for Links!

Why does this make a difference?

It seems when you have new connections being made in your brain your ability to understand things in new ways are now possible. This means learning drastically improves. Connectivity, and compassion now become at an all time high. When your brain is using new connections, you have the ability to look at your old problems with a different part of your brain. Anxiety and depression can be solved by your own thought when using psilocybin mushrooms. With your mind now free from stresses and newly connected, it seems that your mind becomes clearer then ever, and those with A.D.D. and O.C.D. find new hope in now being able to focus and control.

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