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Psilocybin can help those in many unique and incredible ways. Ingesting this psychoactive compound, (even in non hallucinogenic amounts known as microdoses), can improve cognitive function, and memory. Fluid intelligence can for the first time be improved. Crystallized intelligence will improve greatly as well. It has the capability to improve relationships by increasing compassion for others. It allows you to become more open and capable of seeing things from others perceptions. When seeing things with new perceptions you now also become capable of out thinking your own problems. Anxiety and depression is now self treatable with your own thought. A.D.D. and O.C.D. are alleviated from the now ability to have a clear mind and ability to focus. Ego dissolution even happens temporarily, but shows you how to incorporate the important teachings from this extraordinary feature in everyday life. Lastly it has been known to put you into whats called a “flow state”, this is a state of being that feels similar to bliss. A flow state is the ability of living where positivity flows heavy and seems as though positive changes in your life just seem to unfold exponentially.


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