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Green Crack God

Also known as God’s Green Crack, it is a well-balanced indica hybrid strain.

The descendant of the indica (60%) and sativa (40%) parents, the Green Crack God brings both heady and body effects bringing the user into a euphoric state of being while relaxing the bodies muscles.

Green Crack God strain proves particularly useful for activities in the evening or right before you go to bed. The uplifting heady euphoria can last for several hours, followed by the relaxation of both body and mind with couch lock if you over do it with consumption.

The ratio of indica/sativa  in GCG provides medical cannabis users with relief from stress,anxiety and muscle tension. Also the strain improves focus, being a perfect choice for micro-dosing cannabis if you need mild stimulation during the day.

Like most of indica-dominant hybrids, the GCG strain can induce cravings for food aka “The Munchies”


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